Dandy Foods offers a full line of dairy foods including, butter, margarine, milk, cream, eggs and cheese.  Domestic and imported cheeses are stocked daily.  Fresh mozzarella and gourmet cheeses can be specially ordered as needed.  Please call us for pricing and availability.

Quality –  Our dairy is stocked with fresh and packaged products from popular brands such as Cabot, Carnation, Stella and Philadelphia.

Selection – Choose from everyday staples such as milk, butter and eggs, as well as domestic and imported cheeses that are supplied whole, sliced, shredded, spreadable, crumbled, whipped or grated!

Service – If an item you need is not listed on the pdf, please call and ask.  Special orders are only a phone call away.

Download the Standard Dairy & Cheese Product List
Standard Dairy & Cheese Product List >

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