This position is in charge of buying fresh produce, frozen goods, dried grocery, and dairy products. Our team also manages our inventory so we always have the products our customers need. Our buying and purchasing team hunts out the best deals to benefit our customers. Our buying and purchasing team maintains local inventory levels while maximizing customer service levels. They manage and process purchase orders in compliance with corporate guidelines, while working with logistics team to maximize supply chain efficiencies.


  • Daily and weekly maintenance of the product categories.
  • Manage and replenish categories
  • Help build strategic relationships
  • Identify slow moving products and develop a merchandising strategy to relaunch or replace
  • Be responsible for identifying new product opportunities
  • Execute purchasing of new items and demand changes timely for customer events, business shifts, and seasonality changes
  • Resolve replenishment issues
  • Manage returns to suppliers and supplier inventory allowances
  • Follow and react to market conditions within established corporate and market guidelines
  • Manage aged inventory, obsolete inventory, and discontinued items to achieve corporate goals
  • Manage forecasting and demand planning
  • Manage to reduce spoilage and shrink inventory
  • Manage and monitor timely PO costing accuracy, including freight rates
  • Execute and support product recalls as required


  • Associates degree required or bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education.
  • Customer service experience
  • 3-5 years background of meat/seafood and produce
  • Understanding the market
  • Interpersonal Skills


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